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Helen Lea

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Helen Lea earned her undergraduate degree in Art History from Smith College. After graduation, she studied Italian and Classical painting in Perugia, Italy. Returning to Kansas City, she spent a year working as an artist for Hallmark Cards. She then moved to New York where she worked at the Frick museum. 


Ms. Lea returned to Kansas City in 1961, married and started a family while continuing to paint and study. She received a degree of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1970. 


Ms. Lea's work has been shown at numerous exhibitions and her paintings are found in both individual and corporate collections worldwide. 


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"Always in Bloom" The artwork of Helen Lea by American Artist magazine contributor, Molly Siple

The subject matter of Helen Lea's paintings is essentially flowers, in garden settings, in landscapes or arranged in a vase, a delightful theme that in Lea's hands gains in substance and depth. Flowers are ideal raw material for generating the rich visual vocabulary that fills her paintings. Gardens present her with all the pictorial elements an artist needs, endless opportunities for composition, color variations, paths to lead the eye and resting places too, energizing her painting process. 

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